Sustainable laptop stand

Do you work long-hours with your laptop and want to improve your posture? Do you care for the Planet?

We have created Lüp for you: a sustainable laptop stand, light, stable and for all sizes.

Suitable for all laptop sizes

Stable and light

Durable and 100% recyclable

lup-sustainable laptop stan eco friendly

Easily improve your posture

Using a laptop stand together with an external keyboard and a mouse will help you drastically improve your posture while you work from your laptop.

Prevent back and neck pain and boost your productivity with a good posture at work.

Why choosing Lüp stand?

Elevate your screen

Lift your screen at eye-level, sit with your back straight and your elbows in 90 degrees for better ergonomy.


Your laptop, safe from breakage. Place it on the laptop stand and avoid any dangerous movement.

All sizes

Suitable for all sizes including MacBook Pro and MacBook Air and most of other brands.


Prevent your laptop from overheating thanks to Lüp's design that allows airflow underneath.

Eco Friendly

Made from durable cardboard, a sustainable material locally sourced and a 100% recyclable.

Local Design

Designed and made with love in Barcelona for local and global digital workers.

Start improving your posture today
by applying simple changes to your workstation.

Correct posture

Prepare your workstation: seat correctly with your back straight.

Pauses and exercise

Make regular pauses, rest your sight, stretch and don't forget to exercise regularly.

Drink water

Hydratation is essential for your health and productivity. Remember to drink often.

lup sustainable laptop stand ecofriendly

Ready to start improving your posture?

Get your sustainable laptop stand: