Monitor riser Aurora

Aurora monitor risers are a smart investment to improve your workspace and productivity. These eco-friendly and sturdy monitor risers are made of carton box, which can lift your monitor to eye level, allowing you to view the screen with more comfort and less strain on your neck and eyes.

The sleek design of these risers matches well with modern office styles, giving your desk a professional and sustainable look. With Aurora monitor risers, you can enjoy more comfort and efficiency in your work in a sustainable way.

100% sustainable. Made from recycled and recyclable cardboard. Helps the company’s sustainable transition.

Promotes good posture, avoiding neck or back discomfort and pain. Facilitates greater performance and quality of life.


Made in Barcelona. The material comes from local producers, resulting in less pollution in transportation.

Technical Specifications

MaterialsRecycled carton box
Dimensions22 x 10 x 18 cm (w x h x d)

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