Our Story

Lupstand is a young company founded by two entrepreneurs that specializes in designing and producing sustainable office products made entirely of cardboard.

Lupstand was born in a coworking space in Barcelona, the city of Antoni Gaudi. We noticed that many of our colleagues were spending long hours working in front of their laptops with poor posture. To address this issue, we designed a laptop stand made entirely of recycled cardboard that is sustainable, stable, and functional.

The positive response to our initiative motivated us to create Lupstand and deliver our ecological products to all organizations that care about sustainability and their employees.

Currently we offer a growing range of sustainable products and accessories for the office. Our products are all made of high-quality recycled cartonboard.

At Lupstand, we are committed to promoting sustainability, postural health, and quality. This commitment drives us to continuously innovate and offer sustainable solutions. For this reason, our products have gained the trust of an increasing number of companies and institutions across Spain.

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to a positive and sustainable future. We do this by using recycled cartonboard, which is plastic-free and has a low carbon footprint. We focus on office workers’ health and productivity.