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Sustainable By Design

Lupstand products are designed with sustainability in mind. 

We use materials that have a low carbon footprint, recycled cartonboard, which in itself is 100% recyclable. This means that even after the product is used, there will be zero waste left.

Ergonomy and health

Lupstand products help office workers maintain good posture while working.

They raise the work surface and have an ergonomic design that reduces neck and back problems caused by poor posture.

soporte para portatil sostenible Lüp stand

KM Zero

The products are made in Barcelona or nearby areas, which reduces the distance and time needed for transportation. The raw materials are also sourced locally from producers in the region, which lowers the environmental impact of transport emissions.

Our sustainable products

lup-sustainable laptop stan-eco-friendly

Laptop stand Venus

Sustainable laptop stand. Improve your body health while you work.

Laptop stand Custom

Custom sustainable laptop stand. Express yourself with your logo. The perfect sustainable company gift.

Monitor riser Aurora

Sustainable monitor riser. Raise your monitor 10cm for perfect view. Sleek modern design.

Monitor riser Diana

Sustainable monitor riser. Raise your monitor 10cm for perfect view. Durable and lightweight. Barcelona modernist style.

100% sustainable. Made from recycled and recyclable cardboard. Helps the company’s sustainable transition.

Promotes good posture, avoiding neck or back discomfort and pain. Facilitates greater performance and quality of life.


Made in Barcelona. The material comes from local producers, resulting in less pollution in transportation.

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